Virtual STEM Programs

Minecraft Mission to Mars

Join us for our most popular virtual Minecraft program. In this program, students will start on planet Earth and learn about surviving on Mars. They will then take a ride in their rocket to Mars, where they will use Game Theory principles to create a sustainable colony

Mission-to-Mars-edit .jpg

Arcade Game Design & Coding


We are aiming for the future by going in the past. Join us for a very fun program that helps kids learn coding by designing Retro style arcade games that are then downloaded and played on handheld controllers. Now kids can play their own games rather than playing the games created by other gamers. This is such an amazing way to learn to code

Artificial Intelligence

In a world where technology has taken over several tasks, students discover how to be the one who trains and programs those machines. They learn early on that AI is about teaching a computer to be able to perform tasks that normally a human would do. Through a series of activities and projects, students are trained on machine learning which is a specific type of AI that recognizes patterns in data and makes predictions based on those patterns. Children will design games and animations and code their own virtual machines to learn various tasks. (2).gif

Movie Animation

Get creative in this fun animation program. Get introduced to Java commands and how they can be used to create animations. Use storytelling skills to create animated stories and movies. This is another one of the fun programs that draws you into storytelling while learning to code.