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Robotics- Learn the basics of computer programming and apply it to design robots to complete various challenges. Kids will design, build and program Lego® WeDo robots. Creations include simple rovers and mechanical contraptions. The program specifically designed for young students, bundles designing, building, problem-solving, computer programming, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication into one exciting program.

Minecraft Engineering - Join us for the newest Minecraft program that is focused on the engineering aspects. Here we will look into Engineering concepts like Nuclear Energy, Electricity, Engines, study and learn about planet Mars & Moon, and so much more. As part of our effort to gamify education, this is a great way to learn Engineering concepts.

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Arcade Game Design & Coding - We are aiming for the future by going in the past. Join us for a very fun program that helps kids learn coding by designing Retro style arcade games that are then downloaded and played on handheld controllers. Now kids can play their own games rather than playing the games created by other gamers. This is such an amazing way to learn to code

Rocket Engineering - As the next frontier of space travel unravels, discover the exciting adventure of Rockets. Participants will learn about rockets while playing a virtual simulation (computer game) at a space center on a fictional planet. We will design rockets and learn about different components such as SRBs (Solid rocket boosters), rocket fuels, decouplers, different engines, RCS (reaction control system) and so much more. We will also take these rockets and fly them for various missions, from going into orbit to flying to the moon while learning about things like attitude control on the simulator.

Artificial Intelligence_Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - In a world where technology has taken over several tasks, students discover how to be the one who trains and programs those machines. They learn early on that AI is about teaching a computer to be able to perform tasks that normally a human would do. Through a series of activities and projects, students are trained on machine learning which is a specific type of AI that recognizes patterns in data and makes predictions based on those patterns. Children will design games and animations and code their own virtual machines to learn various tasks. 

Minecraft Game Design - Calling all Minecraft Gamers! Don't just play vanilla Minecraft! Create your own Mods and make it your own unique game. Parents, this is a workshop that takes your child's interest in video gaming to create something using computer programming.

Minecraft City Planning
Motion Commotion

Motion Commotion - A Mechanical Engineering adventure with the laws of motion. This program will take participants into the land of moving things. They experience the epic battle between inertia and motion. Move away inertia, as the hands-on activities are sure to get everyone moving! Children get hands-on with the science of forces & motion, experience 4C skills of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity with engineering design challenges. 

Hitting the funny bone - Biomedical engineering, a new emerging field of engineering, deals with the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. Closing the gap between engineering and life sciences, this is an exciting intersection of two classic industries: health and mechanical engineering. Participants will explore the skeletal system of the human body. While learning about bone function, joints, fractures, participants will design their own cast and lower leg weight bearing prosthetic utilizing the Engineering Design Process.

Hitting the Funny Bone
Animation Design

Animation Lab - This is an exciting introduction to computer programming. The programming curriculum is designed to engage young minds and help them advance from being merely computer users to creators. Participants learn the basics of creating using computers through some unplugged activities followed by drag-and-drop programming. Various tools are utilized including and Scratch programming. They apply their programming skills to create simple programs, animations and games.

App Development Studio - It is never too early to educate young children in the process of designing, launching and running a new business. In this special series of programs, our goal is to inspire the next generation of STEMpreneurs! The total package includes: STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship. In App Building Studio, participants will work like innovators in designing a phone application to solve an engineering or entertainment problem, build and program its prototype and then, like an entrepreneur, they will explore ways to seek out investors for their app. As participants are designing and building apps, they will learn the basic computer programming concepts of variables, user input, conditionals, loops, and data collection.

App Development