Why Field trips are important for students?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Field trips for students allow them to experience a real-life profession, or concept. It moves the students out of their classroom and get a glimpse of how things work in the world away from their classrooms. It allows them to apply their classroom knowledge in a job that people do to get paid.

Field trips are also wonderful way to make learning fun and engaging. Seeing the practical application of their classroom learning, not only makes that concept exciting, but it allows students to get curious about that concept and makes them want to learn more about it.

But, like everything else COVID-19 has disrupted in 2020, education along with the much needed field trips have suffered as well. Education around the world has either gone fully virtual, or is a mix of virtual and In-person, or fully in-person. Field trips though have completely been eliminated for most students to keep everyone safe and avoid any exposure to the virus.

While continuing to engage students in virtual STEM after-school programs, we have developed a very unique and innovative approach to the field trip model.

We developed 4 virtual STEM Field trips. Each of our field trips involve an initial one-on-one consulting with teachers to understand the concepts students will focus on during the school year. With input from teachers, we sprinkle the elements of their school learnings in our field trips. This makes the field trip experience not only more engaging, but it then becomes an extension of what students are learning, while they learn a new concept in these fun field trips.

Our 4 unique virtual STEM field trips are -

- Entrepreneurship

- Animation Design

- App Design

- Virtual Escape Room

Contact us to learn more about these field trips for your students.

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