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We are Engineers, Educators, and Industry Professionals

Education is not only the learning of the facts but the training of the mind to think

-Albert Einstein

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Rated 5-stars by parents, teachers, and kids. We offer one of the most fun, engaging, hands-on, and broadest array of STEM curriculum. 

Our cutting edge curriculum is designed and taught by Engineers with many years of tech industry experience, STEM educators, and Future Engineers.

Our virtual and in-person classes are designed to teach kids some of the most advanced STEM concepts using our project-based, fun, and 4-dimensional approach. 

So come join us and get ready for the future now. 


Instructor-led Virtual & In-Person classes

After-School Programs

Keyboard and Mouse
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Animation & Game Design

Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning using IBM Watson

Minecraft Game Design

Rocket Engineering


Keyboard and Mouse
Vasculature of the Heart

Biomedical Engineering


Internet of Things

Circuit Design using Raspberry Pi

Website Design


Virtual Field Trips

Our unique approach at STEM field trips seamlessly blends what students are learning in school with groundbreaking concepts like App design, Animation, and Entrepreneurship.


Learn about Entrepreneurship and how businesses are created.

Get students to work on developing the 4P’s of business development and present their ideas in groups

Animation Design

Get students to learn the basics of animation and apply it to their learning in the classroom. Create a comic book style animation or use it for school project/assignment

App Design

Learn to build apps using simple block coding.

Learn to get input on an app and display an output. Apply the new skills to create an app for a school project, assignment, or just for fun

Escape Room

In this fun escape room, which is highly customized for your students based on the environment and elements you want to include, students will have to answer questions, solve riddles to escape the virtual room

Two Friends with a Tablet


4.9 Stars

My son has loved learning more about machines with STEM for kids SC! Mathew has been so great about communicating what the kids are learning about. We are definitely going to be taking more classes from them!

Very pleased with the experience so far. It’s hard to find programs that are focused, use actual topics of relevance, and are engaging for kids outside of school. So far I can say STEM offers that!
The owner does a great job of blending fun with actual learning. My son has never enjoyed an extracurricular academic program as much.

"Our 9 year old son is thoroughly enjoying the virtual camp! He is learning to code, build video games, and enhance his critical thinking skills (which show up in other areas of his life and responsibilities now). We are so pleased and can't wait to sign him up for the next one. He's been in the STEM after school program for 2 years, we are happy he gets to continue engaging with Mr. G!"

"Our son truly enjoyed the Animation and Game Design camp. In one week he learned how to code his own game that we are having fun playing. Mr. G provided clear instructions that encouraged our child to be creative and learn. It was a great class that our son looked forward to attending each day."

"Another great camp! The Minecraft Virtual City Building Camp was so much fun for my son. I was impressed to see the kids so engaged and learning so much. Thank you for all you do, Mr. G."

"My son loved the robotics program. He learned so many different things in each class he looked forward going every Friday. Since hes started taking this class he has been building more and more. I look forward to him going to the summer program and having him back into the program again next school year."

"A great program! My son is having fun and learning. Mr. G and his coaches truly care that each student participates. My son can be quiet and shy at times and I appreciate the coaches being patient and persistent with him. I love knowing he’s being introduced to important and complex ideas in a fun and engaging way. Mr. G is very responsive to all my questions! A great after-school club."

"My son loves the after school robotics class and he looks forward to it every week. I just wish that this program was available at my other son's middle school. I know he would love it too."

"My son Nicholas has enjoyed participating in the STEM Robotics class at Forest Lake Elementary location. He loves the activities and the instructor. I know these classes help peak his interest in STEM and he is excited about participating in future classes."

"Such a great opportunity and that staff are so encouraging!"

"Awesome opportunity for my son. He enjoyed this program and learned so much while having fun."

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